Flip now ensuring the continued supply of Ampleon Legacy LDMOS product line - See the Products Here


Customers frequently asked questions about the Ampleon Legacy LDMOS portfolio

Flip Electronics has procured an RF product line currently being manufactured by Ampleon.
No. Ampleon will still manufacture the product moving forward and will be the OSAT (Outside Semiconductor Assembly and Test) of record. No requalification will be necessary by the end customer.
No. Flip Electronics is capable of supporting all part numbers in the portfolio including previously discontinued part numbers.
Flip will be supporting the product line for an estimated 20+ years. Although some products from this portfolio have been discontinued in the past, Flip Electronics will be issuing a PCN re-establishing to active status all corresponding part numbers.
No. With the ability to support for 20+ years, no redesign is necessary.
Yes. With Flip Electronics’ ability to support the portfolio of products for the next 20+ years, you are not only safe to finish existing designs with parts from the product portfolio, but we also encourage any new designs, which will have the same availability of products with no End of Life or Last Time Buys projected. You may work with your existing Distribution design partner for new design requirements.
A portion of Ampleon’s LDMOS broad market line of products. For complete list please click here.
Yes. Flip Electronics intent is to support customer demand through existing Distribution partner network.
All open orders with Ampleon will be honored at the terms previously agreed to with Ampleon, including estimated delivery date, pricing, etc. Existing contract pricing in place will be honored. No pricing changes are anticipated at this time.
Flip Electronics and Ampleon have joined forces to extend the supply of Ampleon’s LDMOS portfolio of high-performance RF transistors to customers worldwide. In recognition of the portfolio’s performance, use and value to the customer base, and long-term customer needs, Ampleon chose to transfer the corresponding part numbers to Flip Electronics as opposed to discontinuing the products. This provides seamless and continued support, while at the same time allowing Ampleon to move on to address emerging customer applications with newer technologies.
RMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flip Electronics.
You can contact Flip at rms.info@FlipElectronics.com , your Flip Electronics sales representative, or an existing Ampleon products Distribution partner.